How to know when you have a chronic illness

????????????????????????????????What does it mean to have a chronic illness? You may have heard that term used, but not know fully what it meant. Today, we’ll talk about some of the symptoms and signs of chronic illness, and discuss when to consult a health care provider to find whole-body and whole-life wellness solutions.

Generally speaking, any disease that is a long-term condition can be categorized as a chronic illness. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancer all qualify as a chronic illness. But chronic illnesses may also be categorized by a cluster of ongoing symptoms of poor health that are unexplained, or seem to go away temporarily and then recur repeatedly.

For example, all of the following can be categorized as chronic illness conditions:

  • Ongoing, unexplained fatigue;
  • Muscle soreness unrelated to activity levels
  • Joint paint;
  • Skin disorders;
  • Mental issues, such as fogginess or memory problems;
  • Symptoms of illness that last for more than a year; and
  • Unresolved health issues that don’t seem to respond to treatment.

What causes chronic illness? The causes can be varied. It may have to do with underlying allergies, infection, lifestyle issues, or other problems. A qualified healthcare provider can help you find the cause and solutions.

So, what can you do if you suspect that you may have a chronic health issue? We recommend that you see a holistic health provider. It is important to treat the whole body as an interconnected system, rather than simply seeking to solve issues that crop up.

Promoting the health of the body takes a complete approach to lifestyle, nutrition, addressing physical activity levels and sleep quality, and looking for any allergies or intolerances. It makes no difference if you treat the symptoms, if you allow ongoing problems like stress, lack of rest, or poor eating habits to cause continued issues overall.

What can you do? We recommend that, if you are concerned about your symptoms, that you visit a doctor and holistic wellness provider that can test you for issues and help you to find appropriate treatment.

If that sounds like the case for you or someone you love, please reach out to us. Visit us online to learn more and feel free to reach out with any questions. We offer holistic wellness solutions.