Whole-body health: We are taking a holistic, individualized approach to wellness

Happy family: mother father and child daughter on sunsetEvery body is different. When you aren’t feeling well, it can be tempting to look for fast fixes, quick treatments, and take chances in the hope that you’ll find the solution and feel better. But for long-term health, you need to learn more about how to best care for your body to prevent illness and treat it at the source.

A good first step is to find a health care provider that recognizes that your body is unique, and will provide holistic treatments. The systems of your body are interconnected, and must be balanced. That’s what it means to practice functional medicine. Simply put, it’s about balancing the body to find individually customized solutions, and promote healing and wellness that lasts, and make changes to prevent future imbalances, inflammation, and the resulting conditions.

Taking a whole-body, holistic approach can help to treat both mental and physical health ailments. Inflammation can lead to anxiety, metabolic issues, chronic pain, and other conditions.

A good health care provider should look at your diet, sleep patterns, hormone profiles, and any digestive (gut) issues to customize the best program and approach for you as an individual. One part of that approach is to counsel patients on healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating an organic diet of foods that work with your body. And just as organic is best for our food, it is also best for nutritional support products like CBD oil.

Holistic healthcare recognizes natural, effective, nutritional support products. You may already know about the benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil for anxiety, inflammation, pain and sleep, but a good provider will help you choose the right products.

Not all CBD Oil is of good quality. Unfortunately, most CBD oil comes from overseas, is grown in toxic soil and is extracted using a chemical extraction method that may leave traces behind. Instead, you need to choose a CBD oil that is organically grown.

Additionally, the CBD oil should be extracted from the hemp plant using CO2 extraction, which is the safest and best extraction method. A quality CBD oil should also be produced at a facility run by the same organization as the growers, thus ensuring high quality, safe and effective CBD Oil.

If you’re ready to explore holistic health and wellness options, we encourage you to visit us online to read more. (We also have a lot to say about how organic practices in CBD oil production are critical to producing a better quality, safer and more effective product, so be sure to visit us for information about that as well!)