Do you know the symptoms of mold-related illness?

16311394 - sick woman  flu  woman caught cold  sneezing into tissueAre you having symptoms of illness that you can’t explain? The problem might be related to mold. It’s a common problem. On the milder end of the spectrum, people experience ‘normal’ allergy symptoms related to the season. But in some cases, mold in the home can cause more serious symptoms that can lead to illnesses that can be debilitating.

What are the symptoms of mold-related illness? Read on for a list of the common symptoms experienced by people with a mold sensitivity. Symptoms may include:

  • Repeated respiratory infections and illness. If you have cough that won’t go away, or asthma symptoms, or seem to come down with colds or sinus infections frequently, the problem could be caused by exposure to mold.
  • Headaches, foggy thinking, and mood swings: Mold can trigger symptoms similar to those of chronic inflammation, as the body tries to fight infection and heal itself. This mechanism can lead to cognitive symptoms.
  • Skin issues: Did you know that mold can cause rashes? Exposure can cause redness and rashes that often don’t tip off people that they’re experiencing a mold-related reaction.
  • Dizziness: Mold exposure can, in some cases, cause more serious and confusing symptoms such as dizziness and feelings of vertigo.
  • Vision: Blurry vision, teary or red eyes, and other issues can point to a mold sensitivity and heightened issues that go beyond typical allergy symptoms.

So, what causes mold-related illness? First, it helps to know that mold is often in the air as spores. Most people are healthy enough to breath in a small amount of spores and not experience negative symptoms. But, if you have a sensitivity, are already sick or have a compromised immune system, or are dealing with repeated exposure in a home or other building, then you may be at risk for developing more serious symptoms and illness from mold exposure.

What can you do? We recommend that, if you are concerned about your symptoms, that you visit a doctor and holistic wellness provider that can test you for issues and help you to find appropriate treatment.

If that sounds like the case for you or someone you love, please reach out to us. Visit us online to learn more and feel free to reach out with any questions. We offer holistic wellness solutions and are certified in mold treatment.